Free State

It took time, dedication and perseverance to mould and shape the Afri-Ski Leisure Kingdom from a dream into reality... and to turn your snow vacation dreams into the ultimate breakaway experience! The Afri-Ski Leisure Kingdom provides breathtaking skiing, golf and unsurpassed mountain leisure and freedom on 500 hectares of land, on the Roof of Africa (3322 m above sea-level) and in the Heart of Lesotho Drakensberg. It`s a comfortable 4 hours` drive (by tar road) from Johannesburg.

The average cost of the stands &/or houses range from R 675 000 to R 1.1 million.
There 294 large freehold stands, all with fairway views and 116 three-bedroom, two-bathroom sectional title townhouses.

Heron Banks Golf and River Estate is located on the Free State side of the Vaal River. This magnificent new golf and housing estate has nearly three kilometres of soothing river frontage and is only 45 minutes away from Johannesburg.

Careful consideration was given to the name Vaal de Grace Golf Estate, which ties in with the origins of the Parys. In the early 1800?s, a German land surveyor, Mr.Schilbach, named the town after Paris, France, due to the similarity between the Vaal River and the River Seine, which flows through Paris. His vision was that there would be much growth in this picturesque setting, with the town eventually established itself on both sides of the Vaal River. Similarly, another property man with a vision, Chris Dreyer, has plans for this area that will see major settlement, growth and prosperity in Parys.