Pebble Rock Golf Village


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Pebble Rock Golf Village

Investing and purchasing property is like skimming pebbles across the water surface. Every throw of a pebble in the property pool causes large or small ripples on the surface. Stones, pebbles and rocks come in different sizes just like price tags on property investments. Picturing the perfect setting – or residential estate – in which to skim your pebble – or hard earned cash – will render large or small ripples in your life. Skimming a pebble into this estate’s property pool creates big ripple effects for property investors and homeowners. Purchasing a property here, in Pretoria, affects an individuals’ or families’ life in every aspect so it’s time to throw a pebble into these new estate waters…

The residential opportunity pool within this estate is expansive, with the flow of interest into the estate never ceasing to stand at low tide. The potential of this estate and its 300 residential stands and 108 plots continue to sit at high tide, never sinking with seasonal or external market forces.

Real estate agents representing the ebb and flow of property sales, rentals and purchases of Pebble Rock continue to enjoy this estate’s popularity and potential, which was envisioned by the estate’s developers Pebble Rock Properties.

Only 25 kilometres from the populous city centre of Pretoria, international airports and a stone throw away from Roodeplaat Dam – you’ll be close enough to the city but submerged even deeper into the bush. Here you’ll be living with wildlife.

You’ll be investing in an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate was created in 1990. After the establishment of the estate’s first phase titled Burkea Park – one hectare bushveld plots – a new Golf Village was developed in 2006.

Add in a top-notch clubhouse and increase public amenities and Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate turned into an investment similar to that of the ocean. Flow down the metaphorical stream to 2017 and what investors have to dip their toes into is a pool of Pebble Rock properties which charm the bush in every detail of its aesthetics and communal spaces within the Dinokeng Game Reserve project.

A ripple effect is also enjoyed with properties sustaining themselves thanks to Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate embodying a true eco-friendly place where residents’ lives leave minimal impact on the earth beneath and surrounds around.

Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate manages alien vegetation and indigenous trees, minimises and recycles waste, reduces energy expenditure and water usage, monitors water quality, reduces the impact on the natural biomes within the estate and sources environmentally-friendly products for use on the grounds and buildings.

In its search for the ultimate green living, Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate also encourages the creation of eco-friendly initiatives and running of the estate is done in accordance with the impact it has on the greater area.

Undoubtedly, Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate promises heightened returns on investment and unlike other estates which may see future value drops, this estate – given its location and centrality as well as potential for improved developments, – is sure to grow in value every year.

Every investment, or purchasing action made at Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate certainly has far-reaching effects for every new homeowner and like a rolling stone gathers no moss, so will this property investment never gather low returns on its road to interest-driven profits.

And better yet, the estate is still on the road to further growth as there are resell stands and plots still available, with current building still evident on the estate. Currently 41 building sites are on a roll, with many more to commence building after approval is received from the council. The estate is set to reach full capacity and complete all building projects by 2018/19.

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