Northern Cape

While the Kimberley Golf Estate is still in the making and yet to be built, if it follows the popularity of the area itself – and all it offers for holiday-makers and permanent homeowners – as well as the success of the Kimberley Golf Club, this estate is sure to become the best residential golf estate of the Northern Cape.

Members and non-members of the Kimberley Golf Club proudly boasts a Grimsdell designed par 72 golf course with exceptionally well tendered and groomed Kikuyu fairways and cynodon greens – more than a match for whatever El Nino has thrown at this semi-desert region in the recent past.

When you’re looking for a place to stay which will truly make the most of your retirement years, or a place that really enriches the days of your family’s lives, or an estate which moves your younger, single life forward, you need a residential golf estate that offers supreme living conditions, amenities and facilities which create an all-round lifestyle.

One such residence which caters for every lifestyle and every phase of life is the Magersfontein Memorial Golf Estate in the Northern Cape.