Urban Sass Hair Salon Sandton

Urban Sass Hair Salon Sandton : Hairstory in the making

What would a SuperLife be without the SuperEstate and SuperLifestyle? So, what makes up a SuperLifestyle you ask? Well, it’s the car, the clothes, the fun schedule, the affluent friends, and of course the hairstyle.

So where do affluent homeowners and investors, and the Superwomen of SuperEstates, go to do their hair and nails?

Well, of course Urban Sass – a boutique hair and nail salon established for the affluent man or woman who demands great service and quality products, among other top-notch beauty offerings. Those sassy, urban people who have a definable class and distinguished characteristic – yes, we mean you of course!

At Urban Sass, it’s about diverse street culture and fashion, boosted by the vibrancy of the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg.

SuperEstates recommends Urban Sass as this hair and nail salon understands each and every one of its upper crust customers, provides a beautiful escape out of the hustle of city-living and creates an experience around specific needs.

Why not change your look and face the world with a new hairstyle and freshly painted nails? This can be achieved by professionally trained stylists who cut your hair according to your face shape and features. You can walk in the salon doors with a dated hairstyle and walk out with a sassier, trendier, edgier look thanks to the best cut and use of combined knowledge.

And when your SuperLifestyle keeps you busy and socialising with the affluent, the new hairstyle is easy and quick to maintain.

Anyone who lives within a SuperEstate will know that one’s hairstyle is one’s signature look and you would never be caught dead walking your dog or chatting with other SuperEstate moms at the estate park with hair that doesn’t shine in the sun or beautifully flow with the wind.

So, why not spruce up that dull colour and have your long or short locks treated with a fresh and vibrant new colour at Urban Sass. Whether its semi-permanent or permanent, the use of L’Oreal and Smart Bond additive makes sure your locks are not damaged by a new colour.

In SuperEstates, life is too short for a bad hair day, so at Urban Sass, why not have a quick wash, blow and go at the salon’s unique BlowBar. Better yet, Urban Sass offers free WiFi, a glass of refreshing wine and even a complimentary head and hand massage to make your quick trip to this salon the most enjoyable yet.

And when your SuperLifestyle or SuperEstate gets you invited to the crème da la crème of events at the estate or outside of your residential doors, a stop at Urban Sass will get you styled up in no time. For those affluent women, it’s not just about a subpar up-do, but it’s about being the hippest and trendiest at the event.

And what goes hand in hand with hair? Well, nails of course, and Urban Sass offers the best nail treatments around. No paint colour is too bold or too bright for affluent customers at Urban Sass.

The nail salon here stocks the best gel and paint products and a wide selection of nail art choices to choose from. It’s about personalising your nails and being proud of your newly manicured, unique nails. You’ll be shaking the hands of the elite so better make sure those nails are painted to perfection.

Other products at Urban Sass include Kerastase Paris – Aura Botanica, Nutritive, Resistance, Discipline, Elixir, Chronologiste, Reflection and Densifique; Redken for Men and Glam Palm.

When all is done and styled, Urban Sass is a cut above the rest.

Get in contact:

Level 1, Nedbank Head Office, 135 Rivonia Road and Maude Street, Sandown, Sandton.

011 783 0902 / info@urbansass.co.za