Investing in lifestyle travel


Whether it is for business or pleasure, travel is an important part of any high-end lifestyle and should be a regular event on the yearly calendar for individuals and families. While many property investors and homeowners enjoy their immaculate homes and life they built which needs no escape from, taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life and immersing in the idyllic beaches of far-off exotic islands or local places, or enjoying cultural trips through historical streets of Europe will bolster and energise any lifestyle.


In this article, we look at why homeowners and property investors should invest in travel and booking those plane tickets; how to save up for those fun trips and how to make the most of their money while on holiday … not forgetting a list of popular holiday locations to visit that we think are exclusive enough for a high-end investor market.



Broadening one’s horizons and unplugging from the pushes and pulls of modern-day life through travel truly has its advantages – and there are many. Travel truly provides homeowners with the opportunity to connect with other places and cultures – a educational experience which expands awareness and introduces one to greater diversity. It increases one’s social network as well and allows them to meet new people and enjoy new social experiences.


It allows them to slow down from their busy schedules and to enjoy a much-deserved break from their fast-paced lives. In slowing down and having to enjoy some rest and recuperation, the homeowner or investor is able to reduce his or her stress levels and heal. Further to this, travel and flying to that place on the bucket list allows one to regain enthusiasm for life and of course, revitalises the spirit, body and mind.


Property investors can enjoy completely new things which their holiday destination has to offer, from food to fun activities, among other must-do activities. Taking advantage of new recreational opportunities at their temporary new home away from home will bring the fun back into their work-filled lives. Investing in travel truly allows individuals and families to soak up new experiences and memories and have more stories to tell - and this is what life is all about.


Saving serious money for travel


With sky-high interest rates, a hefty number of monthly bills and top-end lifestyles leaving a less than desired amount to spend on travel and flights to far off exotic destinations, saving for travel can seem difficult, however, it’s not impossible. With these easy tips, homeowners and property investors will be able to put together those Rands and hit the road.


Setting a deadline-orientated travel goal is first and foremost, followed by setting up a strict budget, whether it be in an old-school fashion or using an app on your cellphone. Setting a budget will allow the homeowner to track his or her spending and save an allocated amount of money per month. Avoid using credit cards and loans, or splurging on that upmarket lamp or furniture piece you saw in the shop window the other day – you need to tighten your financial belt and avoid spending on those unnecessary extras – splurges are a no-no when saving for travel.


If the breadwinner of the family is working nine to five at a full-time job and dropping off the kids at school leaves you with the morning or afternoon free, picking up a part-time job is a fantastic way to ramp up the savings. Another way to save some serious finance for your trip is to sell, sell, sell.


With upmarket lifestyles bringing in everything of the materialistic world in the home, there’s bound to be possessions stored away and no longer in use that one could sell and make money from. Looking through your household and cupboards, you’re bound to find furniture pieces, electronics, old kids toys and clothes that are either outdated or have not been used in a while. Old-school yard sales or selling items online can be a great way to not only sell and gain money, but also to clean out your house and start afresh.


Join a lifestyle travel programme


While costs of owning an upscale residence may seem to drain the wallets of homeowners and property investors, there are many local lifestyle travel programmes available which offer a wide selection of the most incredible travel experiences at the best rates.


These programmes allow those with tighter budgets to enjoy the best travel rates, privileges and holiday rewards, as well as other member benefits for individuals and the whole family.  These exclusive, high-end programmes enjoy a wide network of hotel and travel partners to allow the property investor to get a little more bang for their buck on their ideal holiday, with their hard-earned money spreading a little further.


Best destinations to travel to for the investor


The world is truly the property investors’ and homeowners’ oyster. With so many places on the global map to visit, we’ve selected some of the best destinations to visit this year.


  • Belfast in Northern Ireland with its growing array of open-air bars, restaurants and art venues
  • Cambodian Coast which boasts some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful islands
  • The booming port town of Hamburg, Germany, which is one of the country’s most intriguing cities
  • The cultural powerhouse of Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jura in France which is covered with rolling, wooded hills and Alpine Peaks
  • Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, with its medieval charms
  • The museum-goer’s paradise of Malaga, Spain
  • Montevideo in Uruguay which is making a big name for itself in terms of fashion, design and cuisine
  • Noose Heads in Australia with its upscale hotels and modern restaurants
  • The kite surfer’s playground of Paros, Greece, with its sandy shoreline, culture and history
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands, with its burgeoning culinary and trendy design scenes
  • Salta, Argentina, with its varied topography, salt flats and vineyards
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with its sumptuous resorts and upmarket golf clubs
  • The seaside towns of Tamuda Bay, Morocco with is uniquely European flair
  • The contemporary art destination of Turin, Italy, with its historic cafes


Making your rand go further


While wealthy homeowners and property investors like to splurge on their once-a-year or frequent holiday trip, others need their budgets to stretch a little further – which is never a bad thing anyway.  At the end of the day, wealth and finance overall doesn’t increase without a financially-savvy mind frame and practical methods.


  • Compare airline fees and travel at the cheapest time and during the low season
  • Take advantage of connecting flights instead of using non-stop, direct flights which are more costly
  • Pack light and limit your shopping spree on holiday to avoid excessive baggage fees
  • Speak to the locals and enjoy expensive travel agency-organised schedules and activities – create your own inexpensive itinerary
  • Shop at local stores and supermarkets instead of dining out every night at expensive venues