Virtual Reality

SuperEstates™ – Investment Meets Lifestyle is proud to announce the launch of its Virtual Reality (VR) offering to its partners, stakeholders and clients (both current and future).

The launch of Virtual Reality into the booming technological industry is a phenomenon in its own right and making it available to property developers as a sales tool will no doubt change the way that property investment is done in the future – a worldwide innovation which is exclusively used by top professionals and leading companies in international countries. It hit reality across the shores, or should we say, landed in the hands of the common folk and was such a leap in what the foreign society knew and experienced so far in technology that even first-world minds were blown and amazement overtook believability. It’s like back in the day, no one cared for the inventor of the wheel, they just cared for the wheel. The US and Europe public could now experience an evolutionary creation that shone bright in the eyes of those that consumed it, with the creators of this innovation taking a quiet backseat. It was all about the evolutional offering, not those who actually created it.

Virtual Reality will slowly become common technology – the expected, but with it the need for even more evolution. However, while international game-changers set out to evolve this software out of African borders, the creation and introduction of Virtual Reality within and into South Africa will start to take centre stage and local leading minds are set to pioneer this movement – especially within the property/residential development market as this will make it easier for property investors to make decisions on their investments and what finishes they want in their homes. Virtual Reality is definitely something that will assist the property investor to make the absolutely critical decisions and allow them to know what the final product will be as close to 90 per cent.

SuperEstates™ understands that VR is no longer just a bit of technical jargon, reserved for only a few but an ever-changing technological movement fast becoming available to everyone. And with this, a following of the movement leaders.

Those behind this evolutionary movement would be found in the form of a next generation digital studio. Craft, suitably named of course, produces VR in a whole new way. This new way of experiencing VR, and more ways to come in future, would then change everything as tech users know it, like a ripple effect in an ocean of potential which will in turn take that potential and turn it into reality bringing conceptualisation and completion a whole lot closer. So interior designers and architects can show clients what their house will look like in a more realistic manner.

VR became three dimensional and better yet, brought users into the now thanks to real-time rendered experiences. Craft used the latest software and bleeding edge technology to do this. And, they took it one step further. They supersized the usual 360 video VR to now be experienced on a much, much larger scale… Welcome commercially applied room scale virtual reality solutions which when used correctly, the developer can use it as a selling tool before having broken ground on a development.

To even further blow your mind, Craft has taken augmented reality, or mixed reality, and crafted new and old innovations together, as well as incorporated new industry secrets and skills to create something truly extraordinary – mixing real life with virtual life – and that’s just the tip of the ice-berg, hence their partnership with SuperEstates™. How do they do this?

Well, pioneers are forward thinkers… predictors of a future they are positive will come to light… thought leaders and forecasters who foresee technology now and in the near and far future and those who set about preparing for when that new wave of technology will be embraced, that new dawning of a technological era… and then be so proactive and prepared that they seamlessly take advantage of this new technological wave and ride it – and ride it hard. Pioneers embrace a far-off future and bring it to the present with a bang – the bang coming from the champagne of course in celebrations of their product being the first developed, delivered and devoured by the market.

After knowing who Craft is and what they do, the real question then becomes the why. Why would industry leaders such as SuperEstates™ partner with this pioneer? Why would society embrace them like a newly released Smartphone? Well, it’s simple. Whether end-user, business partner or industry thought leader – any role affected by Craft and its forward-thinking offerings will be at the top of advanced technology and in today’s world, this is where we need to be. Anyone from an interior designer, architect, developer and even real estate agents can be at the forefront of their respective industries with this technology. Technology rules the world and VR is the new must-have, must-buy, must-sell, must-work-with software to set fire to a constantly blazing technological reality.

Crafting Virtual Reality for local waters and being present during the birth and growth of this movement is something to be embraced by those who affiliate themselves with the pioneers. Virtual Reality in the hands of Craft in current South Africa will foresee unimaginable strides in people’s lives, the workplace, how we live, how we interact with the environment, how we make money and the list goes on and on and on…

Be at the bleeding edge of this movement – a watershed moment of disruptive tech such as VR which will change the way we all do business for the rest of time. Companies using their services or solutions will be outright early adopters and will certainly be embracing the changes to come.